Inner Dialogue Kinesiology

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Who and more importantly what are you?

This talk is unique, this is a first, never before has the whole of meta-physical reality been so elegantly explained in one simple overview.

This is the true vision of your life, the inner view of self and reality. In about two hours, you will see yourself, the real self, through inner eyes.

We start with oneness, the void, immoveable Source and from there follow the male and feminine divine paths that create all dimensions, universes, planets and life-forms. How and why does creation exist?

Learn about the feminine forces of:

   Energy & Matter - Kundalini, Chi(Qi), Etheric, Sexual Essence

These are rising forces seeking to be moulded by the divine masculine.

Learn about the masculine forces of:

   Consciousness - The Light Body (Ka), The Astral Body and Samskaras

These are descending forces seeking to mould the primordial matter.

How do these two forces of Heaven (Shiva) and Earth (Shakti) meet inside each and everyone of us? How have we come to be incarnate?

All human are multi-dimensional beings, from the ‘highest’ realms of consciousness through all nine dimensional levels of reality to the ‘lowest’ realms of matter and energy. We truly are splendid and awesome beyond belief.

So here you are, an individual, a person seeking something, wanting more. The transformation you seek is within your very own nervous system expressing itself as your life with all its ups and downs.

How did you come to forget and how can you re-member? What is the core veil that so blatantly separates us from our Source, from our very heart? How have we constructed this veil and how can we safely dismantle it and experience the love, wisdom and bliss we so hanker for?

The ancients knew how to penetrate this veil and see with inner eyes the reality of our being and journey, this they taught and it is this that is presented here. This talk is not a vague explanation, another ‘Ism’, this is drawn from direct experience and offers the same to all that seek.

So open your mind and your heart and prepare for a multi-dimensional ‘roller coaster’ of a ride as you discover your true nature and purpose.

The ‘Tree of Life’ and the ‘Tree of Knowledge’. How do we fully incarnate in to physical reality, how do we bring more and more of who we really are in to our daily lives?

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